The purpose of our Alumni Association is to encourage Church leaders. We seek to keep leaders leading and help them be fruitful in their endeavors.  


When you think "Alumni Association" at most colleges you probably think of "dues." Not at NCC.  The Church has to be great to transform its community. It will never be great if there aren't long-term leaders leading who are fruitful and effective. We seek to ensure this is happening.


We do this through encouraging grads to have a PARTNER in ministry. Someone that will help them stay accountable and encourage them along the way. Somewhat like the "buddy system" when you are swimming in the one leaves our campus alone! Secondly, we desire to see them have a COACH. This is someone a few years ahead of them in a professional sense.  Someone they can call for coaching, advice and consultation.  

We also hold periodic gatherings like a Home Coming in the fall. We seek to be in current student's lives through encouraging gifts at difficult times through an academic year (like finals week!).


Our official purpose is to "foster a spirit of unity and fellowship among alumni endeavors; to advance the general welfare and development needs of the college; and to promote interest and friendship for the college across the nation and around the world." That's a long way of saying that we are here to keep leaders leading!

Our NCC exists to create servant leaders...and  a lot of them. We are actively working to build a school that could produce 100 per year, every year, and we want to do our part to ensure they are effective and in it for the long haul.

If you are an alumnus of NCC we'd love to hear from you. You can email us anytime by clicking here

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Our Director of Development and Church Relations, Jane Jech, is always interested in hearing from Alumni as well. You can reach her by clicking here.

We love our NCC!  We have sixty nine years of heritage and history behind us, an amazing resource at our hands, and a God in heaven who has called us to love His Bride and make her strong.  

Tony Brandt, Alumni Chair