nebraska christian college is moving forward!

The past two years of talking, planning, dreaming, and hard work by the Nebraska Christian College team has led us to this point.

I hope you get a sense of how Nebraska Christian’s leadership and trustees have sought the Lord’s leading, as I have. We have prayed. We have patiently done the homework, laid plans, and been double-checked with our accrediting bodies. We know that to go forward together without a plan would be foolish. I can confidently say that we are ready, and I am excited to introduce Dr. John Derry as the new President of Nebraska Christian College.

I look forward to this summer when you will have the opportunity to meet Dr. Derry in person. Please mark your calendars for one of the many gatherings we have planned for the Forward Campaign this summer.

I also ask for your partnership. We can only move forward together. Maybe, you have never given to the would be a great time to invest. Maybe, you were a donor in the would be an excellent time to come back. A great way to do that is to give electronically on May 25 to Omaha Gives!  Whichever method you use, I pray that you invest in the students of Nebraska Christian College. Every dollar raised during the Forward Campaign will go to underwrite scholarships and the subsidy that our donors have faithfully provided throughout our 71-year history.

Some look at our world and see problems. I look at our world and know that we need to be about our mission of creating church leaders like never before. I am confident in our place and time in history we will do just that. Those that have loved Nebraska Christian College and have invested deeply in its mission, have given us a rich heritage on which we can build an exciting future.

Yes, this is hard work. I learned what work was growing up right here in the Midwest. When I think of those days I am reminded that accomplishing anything great is going to be difficult, but isn’t it worth it? I believe it is, and I know you do as well.

These are historic days for our college.

Forward Together,

tony clark

Interim President, Vice President of Operations

1. better resources for our students

Our faculty will continue to build a program where all ministry students spend one or two years in residency off of our campus. Hope’s robust online presence makes this immediately possible. They are have invested hugely here for years and we get the payoff of their hard work.

2. a stronger college for our students

Hope is a school of approximately 2,000 with five colleges under its umbrella. Pacific Christian College, their ministry college in CA, is the largest with 700 students enrolled studying ministry. Our students get to become a part of this system. We will come under Hope’s umbrella of regional accreditation and allow them to lead the way for us. The department of Ed., accrediting bodies, and even regional accreditation are now much easier to navigate because of Hope’s leadership. This is a huge win for our students because it strengthens their college in the larger educational community.

3. higher level of stewardship for students & donors

We will find ways in which we are duplicating efforts, and work together to make the educational experience more affordable to students moving forward. We live on tuition and donations – we are committed to doing more with our dollars moving forward.

4. better tools for our faculty and staff

Hope has spent the last decade investing in infrastructure to make enrollment management, student management, and student life, a success. We benefit from their last 13 years of work.

5. a great president

It answers our Presidential Search question! Dr. Derry has spent the past thirty years reinventing Milligan College TN, Dallas Christian College, and the past 13 years at Hope. He has a track record of innovation, leadership, and turning schools around. To say he is head and shoulders above any other candidates we could attract would be an understatement. John would be the President of NC, just as he is the President of the Hope University system and all of the colleges there. He also spent a decade building college campus ministries in Illinois. He gets the Midwest, is from the Midwest, and is as much a ministry practitioner as he is an educator. Our team loves this about him and believes him to be a great fit for NC.

6. opportunities for our alumni

This move could enable us to offer graduate degrees in our market space such as a Master of Arts in Ministry, a Master of Divinity, Masters in Psychology or Counseling, and others. This could be an amazing opportunity for us. We can skip decades of research and development to be able to do this.

7. historic opportunity

This will be the first merger in Restoration Movement history that one of the 30 undergraduate schools will merge under a sense of mission vs. a sense of financial doom and obligation. We believe to walk by such an opportunity would be wrong. While we are broader than just the Restoration Movement, we believe this will ensure the legacy and work for the past seventy years will continue for the future.