THE INSTITUTE FOR CHURCH LEADERSHIP EXISTS FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEVELOPING church LEADERS who are hirable and highly desired upon graduation.

The Institute honors program is centered around leadership and service, and includes several benefits for students.

  1. $7000 annual scholarship
  2. Connection to an ever-growing network of church leaders around the country
  3. Training in soft skills for employment and life

institute requirements

But it’s not easy, and will require a lot from you.  It is only for those declaring a church leadership major and you must live on campus, be a full time student, as well as:

  1. Maintain a 3.0 semester GPA
  2. Receive no probation or commit any disciplinary infractions
  3. Serve the college 5 hours a week on an assigned team
  4. Attend all leader meetings and institute events.


Think you have what it takes?
Let your admissions counselor know you’d like to apply.

Several times a semester we have guest speakers talk to our students about what it means to lead in the church today. 

While these events are aimed at Institute Leaders the events are open to all students, as well as local church leaders and alumni.  For a list of dates and speakers, click here.

2017/2018 Schedule and speakers

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