Nex1 is a movement to call the next generation of church leaders. A healthy and growing church is led by a healthy and growing leader. But for each church that is making a difference in their community we must ask - who is the next one? Who is going to be their next senior pastor, youth pastor, children's pastor, worship leader, missionary or counselor?

The challenge to create the next generation of leadership is huge, but we believe those of you in local church ministry actually know who these potential leaders are. We invite you to submit the form provided on this page. Help us find the next one. This isn't just about us recruiting a student. This is one Leader pointing the next potential Leader to the place where they can be equipped.  

We carry around Nex1 Cards in our wallets and purses with a name on it. It's  a daily reminder that the next potential leader has a name and is real.

Will you help us call the next generation of leaders?